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Billing and Reveneu Metering

  • Subtenant billing
  • Time Of Use (TOU) energy metering
  • Subtenant billing
  • Invoicing management
  • Electricity, Water, Gas, Air condition, Steam and more
  • Checking utility bills
  • Demand forecast

Energy Savings

  • Improving energy efficiency in industrial plants
  • Energy balance calculations and alerts
  • Detection of energy leaks
  • Identifying exceptional transformer and cable losses
  • Prevention of peak demand and low power factor surcharges
  • Calculation of energy baseline

Smart Grid

  • Power station monitoring systems
  • Substation automation
  • IEC 61850 power meters
  • Digital fault recording (DFR)
  • Renewable energy management
  • Electric vehicle monitoring

Power Quality

  • Compliance report according to EN 50160, IEEE 1519 and GOST 54149
  • Harmonics and inter-harmonics management
  • Waveform logging at 1024 samples/cycle
  • Sags and swells logging and analysis
  • Fast transient detection and capture
  • PQDIF and COMTRADE reports

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